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FourShadough Publishing - Creative, Unique and Professional

Founded in 2010, FourShadough Publishing stepped into the literary world with a vision - self publish compelling, suspenseful urban fiction stories. Ranked among some of the greatest urban fiction authors, Brooklyn June became the premiere author for Fourshadough Publishing. His natural creative ability to write compelling, suspense driven stories with colorful, relatable characters with an authentic storyline is what enabled him to become a favorite among many urban fiction readers. His stories always end with his signature plot twist. Brooklyn June has penned a very successful "classic" urban book series that takes place in Brooklyn titled This Game Has No Loyalty. It has sold over 40,000 copies nationally and have been downloaded over 100,000 times digitally. Brooklyn June is also signed to New York Times Bestselling authors Ashley and Jaquavis' independent publishing house OWL Publishing and has over 17 books published, collectively. With his success as an author Brooklyn June has most recently added screenwriter, producer, director and editor to the list of his ventures with the production of his independent YouTube Web Series titled, The Other Side of Brooklyn. With all the success in the literary industry and all the accolades, he still considers himself "The Industry's Best Kept Secret." 



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